How would you define “true confidence”? Would you find it in an award or recognition? Would you say it is a feeling of security when you get on your horse? Would you find true confidence if you were calm in most situations?

It’s pretty hard to nail down one definition of “true” confidence because it could be one, or all of those things. It’s so personal.

At this juncture in my life and career, I have an additional take on confidence. It is the most important definition of all to me.

Just like you, I have my own ups and downs, on and off of a horse. Sometimes they are technical challenges. Sometimes they are mental challenges. Sometimes they are more personal, like what decision to make.

I think “true confidence” comes from knowing that no matter what is going on around me (or within me) that I’m okay … that nothing can alter my faith that the journey of my riding and my life is always working out to a positive outcome for me.

It’s knowing that all of my setbacks, all of my challenges, and all of my fears are mine to work through. Somehow, some way, I will come out on the other side stronger for it … if I choose to see it that way.

My approach is to be acutely aware of my challenges and fears … and then figure out if I simply need to let go of them, or if I need to take action.

True confidence is also knowing that whatever choices I make, that I know I am doing the best I can do in that moment. It’s knowing that every one of my decisions is never right or wrong. It’s just a choice that gives me direction.

It’s taken me a while to arrive at this faith in my personal journey … and to get back to that faith as quickly as possible when I feel off course … but I’m getting better. I’ll be practicing forever.

That’s the nature of our horse experiences. We never totally arrive. We are all just on a very personal journey.

True confidence to travel that journey with ease and energy comes from within … not from the outside.

So, my friend … whatever blessings you have … celebrate them. Be grateful. Whatever challenges you have, embrace them. Your journey is unique and meant just for you. Seek the gifts and the lessons.

Our horses are our comforters, mentors, and partners in our great personal adventures.

Keep practicing and coming back to true confidence.

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