One of the most challenging aspects of making cuts in cutting and herdwork classes is how many things are going on at the same time:
    • Staying with our plan and slow on the inside
    • Navigating our horse
    • Making good decisions amid constantly changing cow flow scenarios!
    • Helpers talking a lot at the same time
    • Crazy cows going everywhere!

Here’s what happens sometimes. 

 Riders manage to walk into the herd and drive the herd out just fine but then feel pressure when it comes down to the final moments of the actual cut. 
 A chaotic feeling at the end can result in being out of position for the cut, using our hands erratically, stirring our horse up, holding on too long, etc. 
In this video, I talk about three actions you can take to help ensure that the final moments of the cut are smooth and you and your horse are set up for success – not only for the cut – but to begin working the cow:
    • Looking and focusing your eyes correctly
    • Guiding your horse with your feet
    • Talking to yourself as you make the cut
 As you watch this video, have fun using your imagination. You get to decide what color cattle you want to cut. (-:


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