“Seat” as used here refers to stability in physical balance as well as a close connection to your horse.

Physically, I’m referring to your backside, particularly from your lower back to the top of your legs.

I’m talking about the ease and stability of that portion of your body as it acts like a flexible, heavy anchor aboard your horse. With this soft and heavy comfort, the rest of your body parts can function freely and independently.

It is finding and flowing with the movement of your horse in this sweet spot that allows all other parts of your body to their jobs.

When this part of your body feels soft and heavy, your arms, legs and feet will feel like they are on hinges as they work independent of your lower center of your body.

You will feel grounded physically AND mentally because this is the part of your body where your emotions are housed as well.

There are some simple things you can do to find and keep your seat.

1. Try this simple action. It is more internal than external in developing this anchor of stability.

Press your abdomen/tummy within towards your back bone. Feel the compression on the inside.

It will feel heavy, yet you will feel connected to your horse. With this awareness, soften your shoulders and your arms. Feel the independent use capability of your arms and legs.

2. As you ride your horse in different gaits, become aware of your seat bones and how your horse moves your hips and specifically those two seat bones.

3. Keep reminding yourself to be stable and conscious of your core by saying a word or words to yourself over and over to develop this awareness.

For example, say to yourself, almost like a chant, “Core. Cow. Core. Cow. Core. Cow.” These two words will keep you focused on the cow and focused on your core/seat at the same time.

4. Remind yourself to stay loose and watch the cow as you work the cow. Add “Loose” to your previous mantra. Or, you might want to add the word, “Heavy’. Say to yourself whatever works for you.

Keep telling yourself this. I know it sounds a little unusual, but when you say these words to yourself over and over, to “Cow… Core… Loose… Cow… Core… Loose,” now you are the one in control of feeding yourself the reminders that you need to be connected to your horse, loose and connected to the cow.

Enjoy developing more balance and more connection with your horse, as well as the ability to use your hands and your feet independently as you work a cow.


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