All who show in cow classes (no matter how much experience we have) want to get better at reading cattle.

One way is to watch cattle being settled for fresh cattle herd classes. You watch as they’re settled, and then predict how they will act when they’re cut during the class.

At the end of the settling time, the settler “brushes them off”. It’s not like getting brushed off by a friend (ha!). The rider goes back and forth in front of the cattle to make sure they are as comfortable as possible against the back fence before that set of horses begins to show.

There’s a lot of information about individual cattle that can be learned during this time.

That’s what this video is all about – showing you how to watch this process.

You will learn:

    • To observe the behaviors of cattle at the front of the herd and near the settler’s horse
    • “Good” cow characteristics
    • “Bad” cow characteristics
    • “To be determined” cow desirability observed as the class unfolds


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