Do you ever come across someone who oozes self-confidence? In today’s post, we are going to talk about what mentally strong people do and what they don’t do. They seem to have this incredible mental strength that sets them apart from the rest. But what gives them that mental strength?

They aren’t set back by past mistakes
Mentally strong people try things and challenge themselves. They aren’t sure if something will work the first try and they’re ok with that. They’ll keep at it until they either come up with a better plan or realize it simply won’t work and move on to something else. And they’re ok with that too!! They also don’t let their past mistakes deter them from trying new things and new ways.

They take risks
They realize they may have to take risks, really big risks, in order to achieve something, and they will. It’s not that they aren’t afraid of taking risks or stepping out of their comfort zone, they just realize that it is something they MUST do in order to attain/learn/achieve something. They know that taking risks also brings about new opportunities too! Embrace change is their motto!

They take responsibility for their actions
Not everything works, and they aren’t right all the time, and sometimes they mess up. They know this. They aren’t perfect. They will admit to wrongdoings and take full responsibility for a situation if it was their fault.

They look at the whole picture
They will take a situation or issue and see both sides of the problem before they make a decision or form an opinion. They are not quick to judge or throw a fit. They will take a step back and look at the whole picture before a conclusion or resolution is reached.

They practice kindness
If someone is being mean, rude, or ignorant to them, or anyone else for that matter, they won’t lash back with the same rudeness. They will take the high road and kill someone with kindness, smile and walk away. They know that hate doesn’t cure hate, love does. Mentally strong people know this. They can control their emotions in tough situations.

They’re not afraid to ask for help
In order to have great mental strength, you will know when you have to swallow your pride and either ask for help or admit you’re wrong. Swallowing your pride is a great character trait for many people and something you should practice. People will tend to have more respect for you when you can do this. Not only that, but when we have the right support systems in place, we all win!

Don’t quit when the going gets tough
Let’s face it, we all have moments where we want to throw in the towel and walk away from something that is causing us too much frustration. One of the most important things mentally strong people do is ‘not quit or give up’. They keep at it and learn what they need to in order to move ahead. Remember, not everything is going to go our way. And that’s ok.

They set firm boundary lines
They have no problem setting a strong and firm boundary line around themselves. They know it’s totally ok to say no to others and yes to themselves. They aren’t people pleasers. They are wise and self-respecting. They know that their mental health and happiness come first before anyone else’s

They help others succeed
They know life isn’t a competition. They understand that we are all in this together, and there is great strength in numbers. They want others to succeed too! We all remember our first failure and what it feels like. The achievements of others truly make them happy and bring them great joy. They cheer people on, lift them up, encourage them, and do whatever it takes to help another person. We celebrate other people’s success with them!

They practice gratitude daily
They know how vital daily gratitude is. They remember to stop and take a look around them to see how blessed they truly are. Whether they journal their gratitude daily or do gratitude meditations, or simply whisper to God or the Universe, “thank you,” they make sure to do it each and every day.

They leave the past behind
Mentally strong people know they won’t succeed in life, in any area of life, if they drag their past and all the negative emotions that go with it into the present and future. Instead, they will deal with the demons from the past any way they can and let them go. They know the past has no place in their present life.

They forgive the people who hurt them
They don’t hold grudges, anger, resentment or any other ill feelings towards the people who hurt them. Like the past (and leaving it behind), they know it’s important to let go of all hurt and anger in order to move forward. Mentally strong people don’t become strong by holding onto grudges. They let it all go and move on.

They take some alone time
Self-reflection and peace is super important to them whether they want to take time and sit quietly or take themselves on a solo road trip, mentally strong people make sure to pencil in some alone time. Being with friends and family and loved ones is great but it’s so important to decompress and recharge away from all the chatter and noise.

They continue their education
They know learning is important, and they take any opportunity to learn new things, no matter how hard it is. Mentally strong people embrace learning.

They practice compassion and have empathy
Life is tough for so many of us, not to mention that the past two years really hit some of us hard. People who are mentally strong understand this and know what tough times feel like. They show compassion and have great empathy for people who are going through hard times, and they do it with grace.

They maintain their integrity
Mentally strong people will honor their word, respect others, treat others kindly, and maintain their integrity. Integrity is as important to them as it is their business. It is one of the main things people will notice about them.

They work on their weaknesses
They know their weaknesses. They also know how to learn and grow from them. Someone who has great mental strength will take the time to work on their weakness. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and though you may not strengthen all of yours before you die, at least try to make a big difference.

They drop bad habits
Whether it be smoking, drinking, biting your nails, eating bad food, or whatever it is, mentally strong people will take time to work on dropping their bad habits. It’s the really detrimental ones that need to be worked on. And a mentally strong person will do that.

They accept people as they are-no judging
We are all equal, and we all deserve to be treated equally, with respect and compassion/kindness. We are all battling demons no one knows about. A mentally strong person doesn’t judge or point fingers at anyone. They give respect to everyone they meet and accept people for exactly who they are, as they are.

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