Here are 2 of my favorite ways to tune up a spin other than the fence drill that I’ve posted before.

The first is to build cadence and increase speed.

Start with a bridled up trot in a small circle. Drive your horses hindquarters up underneath them as far as you can. When you have a good cadence on a small circle, softly close your outside rein on his neck and press him with your outside leg. Try to keep the same rhythm, speed and cadence.

I have a metronome in my head going “step-step-step” while I trot and then try to keep that same beat while I spin.

Then come right back up onto the same circle briskly trotting with no loss of cadence.

Then you’re ready go into the spin again for a few beats, then come up trotting. Do this several times then give your horse a rest.

It’s pretty hard work for them, so build into it gradually. Sorry the videos are so short, but I can’t seem to be able to send them from my phone if they’re any longer. I’m open to some techy suggestions though!


The second exercise helps get a horse’s head lower and positions him with a very rounded back and little resistance in the face, he can step around more easily and with more speed and accuracy, 

Bridle him up and drive his hindquarters up underneath him. Spread your hands wide and low evenly on either side of his neck staying forward in your saddle. Hold your reins pretty tight, trapping him, and keeping him relatively straight with just a little bit of nose tipped to the inside of the spin, start bumping him with your outside leg.

That’s really the only cue you’ll use to start the spin. Keep increasing the intensity of your leg bumping until he starts to turn.

Let him catch a rhythm for a few steps, then step right back out on the circle and walk or jog for a bit in the small circle, then try again.  

This exercise usually takes a couple of days to see improvement as your forcing him to turn with his body in a much more collected frame.

It will shorten his wheelbase and get his head dropped down along with less resistance in his face, should make for a cleaner, steppier spin.


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