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Competition Mental Skills

Are You a “Tough” Thinker?

You can learn to be a tougher competitor in the same way you learn any other skill. In essence, you are an equestrian athlete. Professional and Olympic athletes train mentally, emotionally, and physically. As riders, we can do the same. We can utilize the EXACT same...

A Little Secret

It is widely known that visualization is a key mental skills tool. That’s because we tend to get what we think about.  I bet you’ve heard this a lot.  However, sometimes riders tell me they feel frustrated, “I’m so disappointed. My rides don’t turn out the way I see...

How to Make Change Less Scary

Can you relate to being at one place in your riding at one point in time ... and then ... for whatever reason ... life and 'stuff' happened ... and you're less confident ... maybe even confused ... now? Perhaps things snowballed in your mind. "What do others think of...

How to Find the Courage

It’s a common thing to love what we do, but settle for less than what we really want to achieve. By that I mean we allow our past results to dictate how we see our future potential. If you see yourself in terms of past mistakes and disappointments, most of the time...

The Soul of Competition

If you’re a competitor, chances are from time to time you might feel anything from anxiety to intimidation. What if I fail? What will they think? What if I let me trainer/spouse/friends down? What if I’ll never be good enough? What if I don’t make it? It can be nerve...

True Confidence​​​​​​​

How would you define “true confidence”? Would you find it in an award or recognition? Would you say it is a feeling of security when you get on your horse? Would you find true confidence if you were calm in most situations?It’s pretty hard to nail down one definition...

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