Training a horse is like painting a car.

You’ve probably seen one of those incredible “show car” paint jobs – where the smooth, rich color looks as if it’s 10 feet deep.

Here’s how that’s done:

After the foundation is perfect, with all the blemishes filled with lead and sanded smooth, the painter applies a primer, which he also sands until it’s perfectly smooth.


Then comes the first color coat. After that’s dry, the painter will sand it until it’s almost entirely gone; just a few molecules of color remain.

Then he applies the second color coat, lets it dry, and sands it until just a blush of color remains.

He’ll do this 20 or more times, building up the color just a few molecules at a time, over a period of many days, until it’s as clear and as deep as an alpine lake.

Well-broke horses are made the same way.


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