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Break It Down

It’s easy to lump an entire run together as really good, or really awful, and not think another thing about it. (Well, maybe you ponder it a bit longer if you experience the low end of the totem pole.) I once had a friend suggest that I should make a decision about...

Troubleshooting Softening the Face – Reining Essential #1, part 2

This is a continuation of the article I wrote called Reining Essential #1 Giving the Face. I’m going to do a quick recap and then get right into “troubleshooting” softening the face.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Reining Essential #1- Recap 1. Giving the Face “Giving the face” means...

Tips on Cattle Characteristics

Barb and I have spoken a lot about reading cattle and watching them settle, etc. However, in the reined cowhorse event, we don’t get to choose our cow. So our surveillance techniques become more general, trend seeking vs studying individual cattle traits.I’d rather...

How to Guide Your Horse on the Cut With One Hand​​​​​​​

When guiding your horse with one hand in the herd (with fast cattle sometimes!) smoothness and accuracy can be a challenge.That's because sometimes in the heat of fast action, cues can get confusing for the horse.  You see, early in a cow horse's training career, he...

Softening the Face: Reining Essential #1

There are a few things every horse should be able to do before going on to specialize in any discipline. These are the things we “put on” a colt in the first 60 to 90 days of his training; they’re also what we use to tune up an older horse or “fix” a problem horse....

What to Look for in a Good Cow

Perhaps you are an amateur or a non-pro who did not grow up around cattle … and now you still don’t have many opportunities to be around them or work them. You’re not alone.  Maybe one of the few times you do get to experience cattle happens during a show run....

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