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Ten Tips For Starting Out in Herdwork

This month, I thought it would be fun for you to help me respond to the following note I received: “Hi, Mrs. Schulte! I have just now started to ride cutting horses ……. I was wondering if you had any tips for someone like myself who is just now starting to cut....

How to Coordinate Your Hand and Feet on the Cut

There are three main things going on as you’re walking through the herd to make a cut. The first is effective communication with your horse. The second is reading an ever-changing situation. The third is making good decisions moment-to-moment.That’s a lot to manage...

8 Reasons to Quit a Cow

Quitting a cow is one of those crucial decisions you make at the spur of the moment when you show in cutting or in herd work classes. This article is about helping you make good decisions about when it’s time to decide if you should quit ... or not.But first, here are...

How to Stop Leaning

Have you ever struggled with a pesky upper body that insists on leaning before and through the turn? Do your shoulders and torso have minds of their own?Try these ideas to sit (and stay (-:) square, still and deep in the saddle: 1. Let go of trying not to lean. Our...

Break It Down

It’s easy to lump an entire run together as really good, or really awful, and not think another thing about it. (Well, maybe you ponder it a bit longer if you experience the low end of the totem pole.) I once had a friend suggest that I should make a decision about...

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