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Reining Essential 4 – Backing (green horse)

Backing up is important because it’s not only a maneuver in itself but also the correction for a poor stop.  At this point, however, backing doesn’t mean the same as it will later on (when we’ll want it super-straight, very fast, and in response to few visible cues)....

Counter Arc Circle

I’m going to continue with what I consider to be reining essentials. In this article, I’ll cover #3 - Walking a counter arc circle. For this exercise, your horse will move in a circle, but with his nose tipped to the outside. His front legs, meanwhile, will be...

Troubleshooting Walking A Perfect Circle

In my last reining article, I talked about Essential #2 Walking the Perfect Circle. Here are 3 common problems in walking a circle, and how to fix them: Falling in toward a magnet. You’re on the side of the circle that’s farthest from the barn, and your horse speeds...

Walking a Perfect Circle

In a previous article, I covered Reining Essential 1 (giving his face). When your horse is responding well to that, begin work on Essential #2, walking a perfect circle. This one sounds easy, but it isn’t! Once you achieve it, you’ll understand the basics of...

Troubleshooting Softening the Face – Reining Essential #1, part 2

This is a continuation of the article I wrote called Reining Essential #1 Giving the Face. I’m going to do a quick recap and then get right into “troubleshooting” softening the face.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Reining Essential #1- Recap 1. Giving the Face “Giving the face” means...

Softening the Face: Reining Essential #1

There are a few things every horse should be able to do before going on to specialize in any discipline. These are the things we “put on” a colt in the first 60 to 90 days of his training; they’re also what we use to tune up an older horse or “fix” a problem horse....

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